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Rally Reports

A page intended to compliment the Gallery pages, reporting on Rallies our members have attended, and importantly to thank the hard work of all the clubs without whom the rally season would never happen..

Avalon Hotel 2010
Whitley Bay

" First time ever away for a residential trip with the club – and it was my idea/suggestion of venue!

Unfortunately a couple of folk had to pull out at short notice, but all I can say is hopefully we persuaded them it was a good weekend and they’ll join us if it ever happens again.

Everyone else met together on the Friday morning – in the pouring rain – got fuelled up and on our way.

Nice gentle run up and over Sutra Hill and down to Powburn where we stopped for a ‘snack’ (all day breakfast for most!).

Finished the run in towards Whitley Bay itself, where I had to go from tail-end Charlie to group leader and navigate the last bit in to the hotel. Thank goodness for satnav built into my phone talking to me through the town of many roundabouts.

Got there and got checked on no problem – just let them know whether you were paying there and then or on departure.

Everyone seemed happy enough with their rooms – if not the actual beds.

Freshen up and wander to a bar – plenty choice. Have a look round for those who were determined to get a souvenir of the town and then time for some pool in another bar.

Think about meal and ask around. Couldn’t find the Chinese we were directed to, but a nice Indian restaurant that said they could make space for 13 on a Friday night without a booking! However it might take them about 30 minutes – that was fine – gave the guy my mobile and we went to another pub! They called as promised; we returned and had great meal.

Back to the Avalon and there was a tribute band on next door (owned by the same folk) – just mention the club name and you’ll get in for free we were told.

Everyone then went on to do their own thing – but I got talking to some local bikers from NABD, MAG and BMF who ‘took me around’ to show me the sights.

Saturday morning arrived and no-one felt up to the guided run out we had been offered! Instead most of us took the Metro into Newcastle and went wandering round the bike accessory shops – a few bargains studied closely but nothing bought. Back to Whitley Bay to catch up with the others –some of whom had visited the strippers next door while we were away. Bit more drinking and then gather for meal – nice simple one in the Weatherspoons up the road.

Again everyone seemed to do pretty much their own thing that evening.

Sunday morning arrived and people weren’t quite so tender! Pay our bills, pack and get organised. Then simple journey home – although a bit more twisty to accommodate dropping some folk en route.

All in all a good week was had by all. Well navigated/led by Robert. Fantastic full breakfast in the hotel each day – Mick and all the staff of the hotel made us very welcome – and hoped to see us again. I think that is a high probability.

The only problem, on a personal note, was that the person who introduced me to the Hotel wasn’t there to enjoy it with us all – maybe another time. "


Whitlry Bay 2010

The Peacock Rally 2010

" First time at this rally – mind you it was the first time in 10 years that westfifemcc had hosted a rally.

Fairly easy to get to – just along the road from Knockhill race course, but not too well signposted at the gate!
They were using the Fife Vintage Bus Museum grounds and it was just as well that I knew that before I got there.

Nice reception but again, as moving onto the field for camping it could have done with some sort of signposting/indication of where everything was happening.

Huge field that was barely used, with loads of room for those that wanted it. While those in the know were closer together at the far end – but also a lot closer to the stalls/bar/music.

Entertainment on the Friday was a bit disappointing but the club members were obviously all doing their best to try and ensure that everyone was having a good time.

Bar prices were reasonable – once you realised that the bar wasn’t accepting any money and you had to buy vouchers through were they were also selling t-shirts and raffle tickets.

Saturday was another fine day – but nothing was happening! No entertainment through the day and too far to walk to any village/pub/restaurant. So if you were having a drink there was nothing to do and if you wanted to do anything then it was no drinking. Heard at least 2 different folk passing comment along the lines that “since they’re using the bus museum, couldn’t they have organised buses into Dunfermline?”

Saturday evening music was a lot better. They used an hall for the bands and bar, so there were also proper toilets for those who needed them and a few folk managed to use sockets to charge phones – a VERY poor reception area for seemingly all networks meant that mobile batteries were being decimated.

Sunday morning was fine again. However the big disappointment was that the only food van ran out of supplies for the 2nd, if not 3rd, time over the weekend – someone really wasn’t organised.

Overall, a fair rally and certainly a good try after such a big gap. Let’s hope that they have realised what went wrong and can do better next year cause it is nice and local and using a hall/indoor facilities always goes down well with some. "


Peacock Rally 2010

NNABD by the Trossachs 2010

" Fourth time there has been a NABD by the Trossachs and fourth time I’ve been at it.

However, after a change of dates last year, this year there was a change of venue!

Since I’d volunteered to help this year I went up on the Thursday so had plenty time to find the place – but I do have to say thanks for the satnav built into my phone!

By the time I got there the main organisers were on site and the marquee was up. We basically spent the rest of the day trying to organise what was going where and who was doing what. None of that was any hardship though as it was a fine, sunny day.

Friday morning dawned damp and dreich! As folk were arriving I was simply trying to help where ever there was a need – electrics, food van, directions, etc.

Friday evening music was an series of all acoustic sets starring Damien Russell, Stevie – One Bloke One Mandolin, and (after being let down by 2 Days Notice) the sound guys even gave a set at short notice! There were also various combinations of the above playing. Place just got busier all evening – although the weather never really improved.

Saturday I was asked to help out at the gate and seemed to end up spending most of my day there, so didn’t manage to get many photos and missed the archery and falconry displays (NOT at the same time!) Saturday evening was back in the marquee to more of a rock sound with Damien Russell (again), Rockburn and Rubicon. All seemed to go well and be enjoyed by everyone there.

Sunday, most folk were heading off during the morning/early afternoon in another dreich day – if they’d stayed for the afternoon it was another scorcher! Once they were away it was a case of simply helping to tidy up and put things away. Because the marquee and stuff was being taken away on Monday some of the marshals/organisers stayed over Sunday and had a good chat around the work.

Unfortunately Monday morning was soaking! However we did manage to get everything dismantled and packed without to many problems. And then it was a simple run home. Had a great time, despite/because of the work and want to say thanks to my fellow marshals (the ones who did all the hard work and tried to keep me right) – Gren, Billy, BJ, Jim, Caroline, Justine, Daryl, Mick, Damien, Zack, Ash, Daz and Ritchie (that’s all I can remember the names of!) "


NABD 2010

Furry Boots 2010

" Second time at the Garioch MCC Furry Boots rally in the wee village of Clatt outside Alford.

Still as easy to get to, even though the weather was nothing like as nice this year.

Rally sold out again – 450 tickets allowed only. Again they were using the village football pitch and hall. Managed to get EXACTLY the same camp space as last year – in the middle of the goals makes it easy to find at night!

Bike all round the edge of the field again – with not a lot of space in and amongst the tents. Met up with Libby, Pitstop (and crew) plus a few other familiar faces on the Friday night. It really wasn’t good weather – rain most of the time and I was told that it went down to minus 1C over night – and it felt like it as well. The bands were fair but nothing outrageous. Managed to win a fleece at the raffle and watch some folk using the wheelie machine.

Saturday was damp all day but quite a bit warmer. The usual good, home cooked food was available all day – along with a proper Hog Roast. A reasonable selection of stalls around the place with fair prices. Showers available all day - £1 for a shower and £1 for a clean, dry towel as well. The locals really look after us all as well as the hall, toilets, showers, etc. They actually have a set of signs around the place – Clean Loos All The Time (check the first letters out) – and they do stick to it!

The bands on Saturday evening were better than the Friday – with pride of place going to Hells Bells (AC/DC tribute band), but they were closely chased by the 2 guys who went on stage late afternoon and just started playing and signing with 2 guitars (think they played for about an hour and a half!).

Sunday morning came with pouring rain! So, went back to sleep for a while. However, even 2 hours later it was still pouring so no choice but to pack up everything wet! There was still proper food available during the morning, being cooked to order.

Everyone seemed to have a good time despite the cold and the wet.

Will probably return, because it is well organised, clean, fairly cheap, a good crowd and good entertainment. "


Furry Boots 2010

Shoot the Goose 2009
Kyleakin, Skye

" First time ever going to this Rally and, although there were others I knew going to it, had to travel up myself. I really need to get some maps to carry on the bike – a quick scribble of what road numbers to look out for let me down again!

Anyway, got there okay, if later than I’d hoped and was found by Aileen, Steven and Jamie – always knew my bike was a bit distinctive. Set up my tent by them and was offered food – knew there was a reason I liked some folk! Weather was damp and windy – site is very exposed. Took a look about and then a wander down to the village itself. Not a lot happening there, other than a huge influx of bikers into a fairly small village. Walked back up to the rally and it was getting damper and wetter – so decision made it was straight in to the hall. Plenty of space there and good rally bar prices. Someone had even taken time to (slightly) decorate the hall. Friday night entertainment wasn’t your usual rally music but was good anyway. Scottish, but lively and certainly worth listening to.

Saturday morning arrived and it was still wet and windy, so once fully awake took a wander back down to the village for a proper coffee – where we were straight away told that the weather was “the bikers fault – it’s always like this when you lot arrive!” After the cuppa we decided to try a catch a bus across/around the island. However the price put us off that VERY quickly. Walked back to the site and the others decided to take a run around on their bikes instead since the weather had turned nicer. I decided to leave them to it – and guess what, it rained again while they were away! Spent more time walking about and looking at bikes/talking to folk – www.skyewheelnuts.co.uk might be worth checking out if you are going to spend any time up that neck of the woods.

Saturday evening entertainment started with the local youth pipe band giving us some LOUD music (never have thought pipes should be played inside). However, after that it reverted to more typical rally music and have to say thanks to the guys who saw to most of the music that evening – www.belfastrockschool.com – who seemed to have spent the whole summer simply going from one rally/event to another.

Sunday morning dawned – dull, grey and damp (surprise, surprise). So it was time to pack up and head home – however I was on my own again as I was heading across country to Aberdeen – and once I reached Inverness the sun started shining and didn’t stop until I was back in Edinburgh the next day!

Enjoyed the rally, the folk were great, the entertainment was exactly that and the bar was nice and cheap. However, the site was very exposed, the weather wasn’t great and it was a bit far to do solo and in a hurry. Not sure if I’ll go again but will certainly think about it. "


Shoot The Goose 2009

Saint and Sinners 2009

From Alan..

"Saint and Sinners rally.

First time ever going to this Rally.

Nice easy journey up to it, but the signposting over the last bit was horrendous – virtually missed the sign once and did go past them at least twice after that!

However, once there met up with some folk that Will knew – Ally, Tiny and co, you know who you are. So, able to pitch tents easy enough with plenty space.

Friday night entertainment was good. Especially have to recommend Size Queen – www.myspace.com/sizequeenrocks - brilliant and totally entertaining band who were totally in to the music and enjoying themselves. (see some photos in the gallery). The rest of the night went well with everyone enjoying themselves and more folk turning up all the time.

Saturday dawned not too early and thanks to those about I didn’t even have to join in the beer run in order to benefit from it – my kind of friends! The field had filled up even more with some very nice bikes and trikes. The usual stalls were there – starting to make a name for myself with some of them – www.pitstop-cauldron.co.uk being some of the funnest folk you could hope to meet. Bike show in the afternoon (as usual) with a good variety and some very nice bikes represented. The axe throwing looked like fun, but couldn’t persuade any of our crowd to come over far enough to try a shot so had to make do with watching others being slightly maniacal.

Saturday evening arrived, along with more friends – some of whom managed to take advantage of my friends and get a sober run for tobacco – Suzy!!!! The bands were again very good and the tattoo artist certainly seemed to be kept busy with all the folk going in and out. Highlight of the evening was the ‘fire show’ outside which culminated with a bike (apparently) being set alight as a memento of the weekend!

Sunday morning/lunchtime came upon us all – and no-one even seemed to be suffering too much. Packed up and headed for home with, again, and nice easy run.

Overall, a very well run rally which isn’t too far of the beaten track. Very good entertainment, fair bar (but only fair) and plenty of stalls/stuff to buy if you want. Think I’ll be back to this one."


Saint & Sinners 2009

From William Thompson

"Saint and Sinners rally.

Alan and I arrange to meet at one o'clock on friday 11 september to go to the Saints and Sinners rally.

We meet at half past as I was running late. At Alan's house we started out after filling up at the garage. So at about two o'clock we headed to the forth road bridge. The traffic was not too bad, the sun was out and it was dry. Alan lead as I didn't know where the rally was. We stopped for petrol and a rest near perth. We started out again, as we went along we were taking in the scenary.

We nearly missed the junction. Then I missed the second one as we went along the road. We missed the third one so after another u turn we got the forth one and guess what we missed the last one.

After another u turn we got there.

As we drove in (dodging the children play area) I meet some friend Ally,Tiny and debby. we decided to set up our tents beside theirs making sure the portaloo was near by.

After setting up our tents we went to park our bikes. Alan got his bike near his tent and I parked my bike on the main road as my bike don't like the side stand. So it had to go on the centre stand. which meant that that was the only place I could park it.

Then we signed in as I had no ticket. We got to the desk, Alan signed in and I had to buy a ticket. By luck someone had not come with another group so with this luck I paid £15 for the ticket not the £25 I was excepting to pay.

After that we went to the burger bar. The prices were not to dear £2.20 for a cheese burger, £1.20 for a bottle of cola.

After food we went to the hall. The bar was at one side and the toilet was at the other side. There was a tattooist just beside the bar. we all picked a table to the right side of the door of the tattooist. We sat there till the band's started about sevenish. The first band was good. The second was better. We meet other people in the club. We said our hello's.

I made it to 11 o'clock then I headed to bed.

On saturday we got up at 9ish. We sat about drinking cola until around 11ish then Tiny,Debby, Ally and I went to buy food and stuff for the barbeque. We went in Tiny and Debby's car for this trip. After we got back around 1ish we all unloaded the car of all the stuff for the barbeque.

Alan and I went and had a look at the stalls. After that we all sat around the biggest tent (it was Tiny's) and wound up each other.

Then other friends of Ally's turned up so we decided to start the barbeque.

Tiny was delegated to do the cooking (not cause he is the best lol). So about 4ish we got stuck into the food. There was a lot of food so there was plenty for us all. As we all groaned (for our greed) we decided That we would all go to the hall for the bands. We got there for about 6ish. We got the same table as the night before. We bumped into a friend of Alan's. She was looking for someone to go to the garage to get cigarettes. As I don't drink I took her to the garage for them.

When we got back I dropped her off in the car park and I parked the bike back on the main road. Then headed back to listen to the bands. They started about 7.30ish. They were good. They stopped playing about 9ish for people to sell raffle tickets.

The band then started again after a little break. It all ended at about 11ish to award the prize for the best bike, best trike and best paint job. These where awarded by the devil and trainee. Then I went to bed.
On sunday I got up at 9ish had some cola and then started to pack up all the stuff in tent. The sleeping bag, the ground sheet and all the clothes. i then took the stuff to my bike on the main road and packed it away. Then I came back to take down the tent. Which I also took it to bike. After all my stuff was packed away safe I then helped Tiny,Debby and any one else that wanted help to flatten there tent.

By then Alan was up and packing up his tent. After he loaded it to his bike we set off. We got to the main road and headed home. We stopped at the same place as we had going to get petrol and rest. We got to the the shopping centre near where we live and then we went our seperate ways back home. I had to unpack the bike. Lucky I have the hard luggage system for my bike so I just had to carry the full boxes up the stair and unload them in the house. After that I sit down for tea. That is another weekend over. I think I will be going back next year.
Hope you enjoy reading about my time away and i would encouage Anyone who has the time to go along to the rally.

Take care,


NABD by the Trossachs 2009, Callander

3rd year for this rally – and third time at it. Have to say though that I (and others) was confused by the complete change of dates – they seemed to have brought it forward by a month.

Got a bit wet getting there and discovered a quagmire on the way in but managed to negotiate that no problems. Got my tent up and then the rain stopped!

Was there earlier than many but still reasonable numbers were there before me.

Chatted away to a few folk/strangers through the Friday evening. Enjoying the cheap drink (£5 for 4 cans and £1 a nip can’t be complained about) and the reasonable band. They were okay but a bit repetitive. Managed to avoid getting too wet during the frequent downpours by the simple means of staying inside the marquee.

Woke early on the Saturday and took a wander down to Callander itself for some breakfast. Busy place even at that sort of time. Back to the site and time for a look about at the bikes (many), trikes (quite a few) and stalls (basically none this year!). Bar re-opened about 12 and again was the best place to be because it was dry the whole time.

Evening approached and the music/life started to pick up. Caught up with Billy & Tracey – ended up spending most of the evening with them although a few other familiar faces did turn up. The music was better on the Saturday so had another good evening.

Up on the Sunday morning to more on and off rain. Got packed up, negotiated way out of the field and back to Callander for a while – in the glorious sunshine! And then time for home.

Only saw 2 folk stuck with the mud all weekend – 1 bike and the lorry in to see to the loos!

Disappointed by the lack of stalls.

But still enjoyed the rally and would go again


N.A.B.D. 2009

Hallyracket 2009, Cuminestown

Had never heard of these folk or their rally before going to Furry Boots, but thought that since it was a 25th anniversary rally it might be worth going to.

Took another Friday afternoon off work (flexi leave is brilliant!) and headed up the road in the sunshine.

3 hours later (or so) and after a brief detour as I got confused passing through Ellon I was there. I’ve never seen such a small campsite for a rally! Just a patch of grass across the road from the bowling club and bikes to be parked on the road thank you very much! Found a small space and got set up, registered and then cracked a can and started talking to those around me – or rather they started talking to me!

They don’t have a bar at the campsite but there was an intriguing large plastic container full of water and cans just sitting there (see the photo of the sign). The bar and entertainment was about 400 yards down the road at the local pub. It must have its best weekend of the year during the rally! Food and drink was there to be had in quantity – food to take away or eat in – although I think the kitchen was struggling a bit.

Saturday morning – awoke to more sunshine. Watched quite a few folk take advantage of the shower facilities provided (shower, shampoo, gel and towel - £3, hairdryer/straighteners - £1) just across the road. Spoke to a few more folk and watched more appear and fit their tents into increasingly rarer and smaller spaces! Silly games and races were held in the football field during the afternoon – with more drinking. Then back to the pub for food/drink/entertainment during the evening.

Up on Sunday – more sunshine! Got packed up and departed. Enjoyed the trip back down the road in the fine weather.

Not sure if I would go again – the pub ended up to busy and a bit chaotic. However did enjoy myself and would offer the following 2 tips – get your tickets early cause they cannot sell too many, and get there on the Friday if you want ANY choice of where you are putting your tent!


Hallyracket 2009

BMF 2009, Kelso

First time ever going to the BMF at Kelso.

Had been looking forward to it for a couple of years though cause I could just never seem to manage to get to it.

Managed to get the whole Friday off work so was able to take my time travelling down through the day and then had plenty time/space to pick somewhere to set up tent. Helped to mark out an area for the other QMCC members in advance of them arriving.

Because I was with folk who had been before I got to know some others easily enough. We then took a wander round on the Friday before everything got too busy. A huge site compared to some I’ve been at and it looked like it was going to be really busy.

Found Spellbound – who painted my jacket last year – and discovered that my design, which he thought was going to be very dark and moody, was selling like hot-cakes on coasters and mugs! Spoke away to Herb and promised to return with the jacket to let him see how it was doing.

Then back to the tents and watch others set theirs up in the sunshine. Managed to offer a hand now and again, but didn’t exert myself TOO much.

Have to admit, didn’t go to see the band at all on the Friday cause we were all having too good a time listening from where we were and just chatting all together.

Woke up the Saturday to yet another fine day (what is it this year about me, rallies and fine weather?!)

Leisurely morning and then more wandering round looking at the stalls and the bikes around us.

Felt compelled to buy one or two bits and pieces (everyone was right, there are bargains to be had there) but managed to avoid excess.

Spent the Saturday evening wandering – listening to the bands, sampling the beer, chatting to folk I knew or had met at previous rallies (Furry Boots @ Clatt for example).

Sunday morning arrived to even more sunshine! Took our time dismantling all the tents and gradually everyone went their own way. The only problem was that I was hoping to meet William and ‘let’ him carry some of my stuff home, but the @$*& had only gone and had an accident on his way down that morning. Hope he recovers soon – broken ankle; but his bike seems to be okay!

Honestly though I don’t know if I’ll do the rally again because in some ways it felt too big and impersonal. However, the folk around me were brilliant and the event itself was incredibly well organised so maybe it’s just a case of weighing up the pros and cons.


Kelso BMF 2009

Furry Boots 2009, Clatt

First time ever going to the Garioch MCC Furry Boots rally in the wee village of Clatt outside Alford.

Got there easily enough, in the glorious weather and found a space to pitch my tent – no bikes by the tents cause the field is too small! Bikes round the outside of the field, a walkway/road round just inside that and then the tents in the middle. Mind you, they are just using the local football pitch at the back of the village hall.

Make some friends easily enough and have a chat. Then time for a wander and find out what is happening. There are a few stalls set up, but no food vans! Then I discover that they are using the village hall kitchen to produce REAL food at decent prices. Mind you I found that out when I found the bar (also in the hall). A marquee set up next to it for the bands/music.

Totally chilled out on the Friday and then woke up on the Saturday baking in my tent – it was a scorcher of a day and I definitely got burnt. Rally was sold out with no more space for anyone (250 tickets only), but they managed to make space for my folks’ car when they turned up for their first ever experience of a bike rally! Took my mum around for a look see at the bikes while dad just sat watching the world go by on 2 wheels (and sometimes 3), and then they left.

On my walk about was handed a case of beer and half a bottle of vodka by a bunch of guys who suddenly had to go – that made me more friends by my tent! Got to know ‘Pitstop’ from Pitstop Paints who had come to set up a stall – their helmets are absolutely brilliant to look at – she drives around in a hearse!

Music on the Saturday was just as good as on the Friday so the evening went as well if not better cause now I knew some more folk around me.

Woke up on the Sunday to even hotter weather and everyone just taking it easy as they dismantled their tents.

Came all the way back in brilliant sunshine; relearning what a sauna felt like.

Would thoroughly recommend the rally to anyone who enjoys a friendly, smaller type of event – and have to say it was brilliantly organised. Using the village hall really meant decent food available all the time – as well as toilet facilities with hot and cold running water – and even SHOWERS for those who wanted them


Furry Boots 2009

Biketoberfest 2008, Daytona Beach

The holiday of a lifetime – Bikes, Beach, Sunshine, Booze, Cheap Food and Even Cheaper Petrol (£1:75 a gallon)!

Every year the city of Daytona Beach welcomes bikers from all over the USA (and parts further a field) for two special occasions – Bike Week and Biketoberfest – and we’ve just been over for the second of those.

We arrived in Tampa on the Tuesday and picked a very nice Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail. Two days of leisurely cruising across the state took us to Daytona Beach for the Thursday.

We were one of the first ones there, but already the city was all prepared – and as for the bikes we had seen heading in the same direction?!

Had a quiet afternoon and evening but gradually the noise levels increased as more and more bikes arrived.

By Friday morning the whole tone of the weekend was set – the loud rumble of motorbikes from 7 in the morning until 3 the following morning – all over the city. Even along the beach!

Mid-afternoon Friday we discovered Main Street. A full ¾ of a mile with two rows of beautifully cared for bikes in a variety of styles from one off custom trikes to standard shop bought scooters, with 2 streams of constant traffic running the full length all the time! Some folk came and parked and just walked about admiring things, others couldn’t stop driving up and down all day. We however took a drive up, found some parking, admired he bikes, found the bars and enjoyed the music. After a walk about for the afternoon in the blazing heat we went back to the motel, had some proper food and then got a lift back to Main Street. Bikes, bikes and more bikes – with some trikes, weird cars and odd looking vehicles that I’m still not sure what they were.

Bars aplenty with cheap beer, good music, indoor smoking for those who wanted it and VERY entertaining bar maids. Everywhere we looked there were signs saying “Welcome back bikers!” – on the Hilton hotel, across the streets, on the shops and bars, even on the graveyard railings!

We spent Saturday doing much the same – along with some riding round the city – no helmet, no gloves, shorts, shades and sandals were all that was required! Anything else was too hot anyway!

Sunday we went looking for a special bar – one with a difference! Fancy riding in to the bar and parking less than 3 feet from where you sit with a beer? Go visit the Iron Horse Saloon! Okay, I know that most of it is open air but at the same time it’s such an amazing sight – bikes parked between customers and the pool table, dance floor, toilets and food! They even have a ‘burnout pit’ in the bar!

Monday, we left and headed down the coast to Kennedy Space Centre where all my metal badges, rings, etc caused their security guards real problems cause I couldn’t go through their metal detectors! After that we went down to Cocoa Beach. Tuesday we headed further down and got through Palm Beach and on to Lantana. Wednesday was on to Miami – avoid it at the moment there’s lots of construction and road works in the downtown area! Needless to say we got lost. Gave up on that and eventually found the route west out of town and then a motel Wednesday it was time to head across the Everglades. Took a tour round one of the Miccosukee Tribal Villages but decided against the airboat tour. Kept heading west – through some very heavy (but oddly warm) rain, and then north up the coast to Fort Myers. Thursday we headed the rest of the way up the coast, past Sarasota and back to Tampa. Friday we had to give the bike back and fly home – back to the dull, cold, damp home country!

I have to say that the folk of Daytona Beach were incredibly friendly and went out of their way to help. At no point of the trip did we have any problems but I am sure that even if we had then they could/would have been sorted by the great folk at Chrome Horse Harley Rentals – Tony and Cindy Waters – they had even given us their mobile number to call while we were at Biketoberfest cause they were going too! Having been at Biketoberfest now I can’t wait until we can manage its big brother – Bike Week – 10 days of the same thing instead of just 3(ish).


Biketoberfest 2008

16th Stuffed ‘n’ Plucked Rally 2008


Apparently I was a ‘Rally Virgin’ when I turned up but not anymore and what an experience . . . .

We arrived to warm friendly faces and glorious sunshine. Tent up and we went to the marquee where the atmosphere was building. Had a great night listening to 3 great bands and boogying away. Have to mention the on-going pole climbing entertainment/competition – well done guys! Fell asleep to a guitar strumming from a nearby tent. Great time had by all.

After a soggy night outside, but a cosy warm dry tent, awoke to more rain. Went to the marquee tent to hear a daytime band. Spent another enjoyable night listening to 4 more bands. All great entertainment followed by raffle and rally trophies being presented. Everything very well organised – even the port-a-loos were still clean after (now) 48 hours!

Awoke to MORE rain. Everyone up and about dismantling their tents – spirits were still high though. End of a great weekend and time for home – with my first rally badge!

Meeting Lesley, Libby and Toni there was great – “Hi guys!” Felt I got to know them better and am sure that I would enjoy their company again at future rallies.

Wonderful weekend experience!

Well done and thanks to Scottish Roadrunners MCC – only thing not under control was the weather, but hey it added to the experience.

tuffed & Plucked 2008

Edinburgh MAG Al Ol Anns Achadh Rally


from one of our newer members, Moe...

"MAG Rally WestCalder

well folks this was my first rally and being a rally virgin wasnt sure what to expect.. but thanks to lesley for taking me along..
weather was good and on sat was SUPERB! all gotsome sun bathing done many floating aroundin there undies lol....

both fri and sat had great entertainment i danced my boots of or for what i can remember lol....the food was good plenty of choice and there was plenty refreshments at the bar hehehe..

mind u lesley had me steamboats b4 6pm on fri lol....

toilets were cleaned all the time i was inpressed

defo a rally not to be missed well organised and friendly people and i made a few new friends .. justremember to take your avon so soft for the midgies lol....

well done organisers of MAG and roll on the next one......YeeeeHaaa"

MAG Al Ol Anns Achadh Rally 2008 Slideshow

Rampant Lion Rally

This years Rampant Lion Rally was sold out long, long ago, but Lesley managed to blag some....

" Rampant Lion Rally Club
2nd 3rd 4th May 08

What a weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The weather couldn’t dampen our spirits. This rally is a must for anyone that hasn’t been. Good music, proper toilets, cheep food and beer

Most of all friendly people. All the guys and gals did a superb job to make sure this rally is not to be missed.

Only one problem tho it sells out fast ( 250 limit ) Tkts end up like gold dust.

Once again Thanks to everyone at the Rampant Lion Rally Club………

Lesley QMCC "

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